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thank you for visiting our website and online store. It’s a privilege to be able to help our customers and local communities discover the benefits of a holistic lifestyle. Hosting events and presenting at festivals to raise knowledge and awareness of the benefits provided by healthier, CBD alternatives to commercial medicines, products and foods is central to our mission to connect with and expand within the communities we serve.

Our Story

Home+Aid Holistics is a woman-owned, family-run business with strong roots within the Birmingham area and surrounding communities. We started our business in January of 2020 as a means to supply an assortment of organic, natural home goods for all your family's needs. 

It came from a dream to achieve a natural, healthy lifestyle built upon a nutritional diet foundation and motivated by the old saying, "You are what you eat." In layman's  terms, what you give your body is what you'll inevitably get out of it.

Why Go Natural?

We have a strong belief that the closer you are to a natural source, the better your body responds to the treatment. That is why our purpose as a company is to provide means for the community around us to source healthy, CBD alternatives instead of commercial orthodox brands. In addition, our goal is to educate the community about the various CBD supplements we carry that can help them with daily issues such as muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety, and much more. 

Educating the Community

We desire to bring together a strong public connection through local resources and activities, as well as further developing our products and process to grow and give back to the community around us. By holding events and being available at festivals, we hope to strengthen ties with the communities we serve and spread the word about the advantages of using natural, CBD remedies, products and food rather than their commercial counterparts. 

Award Winning Products

Home+Aid Holistics is the best source for top-quality holistic lifestyle products. Our knowledgeable team can help educate and guide you on the benefits of our CBD products and help you consider how a holistic lifestyle can help your overall wellbeing. We would like to invite you to our location for us to have a chance to hear your story and have you become a part of ours. 

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